I.      Professional Fees (2 Parties)

        A.   Adjudication & Arbitration
        Can$350/Hr.+ HST (Minimum subject to case                          complexity)

      B.   Facilitation & Negotiation
       Can$300/Hr.+ HST

     C.   Mediation

                   a. Preparation:
            Can$900 + HST (include Documents review plus                    discovery discussion with each party)

          b.    Sessions:

1)     1st Session (3 Hours)
Can$600 + HST (per Ontario Mandatory Mediation   Scheme)

2)     Subsequent Session (3Hours):
Can$800 + HST

3)     Additional Hour
Can$300 + HST

II.    More than 2 parties:
The Rates in Section (I) above shall be negotiable.

III.    Services:
Services shall include but not limited to Venue Fees (in person), Food and Beverages, Technology Manager (for online Service), Translator, Court Recorder, etc. and any other costs that the Practitioner has to incur in meeting the requests of the Parties including travelling outside GTA (Travel/Transport Business Class, Accomodation at 4*Hotels, Food, Laundry, etc.)
Services shall be invoiced at cost +15% (Administration) + HST

IV.    Cancellation:


A.   No refund within 7 calender days of the event.

B.   50% Refund within 8 to 30 calender days of the event

C.   Full Refund prior to 30 calendar days of the event.


     Cancellation Charges shall be per the Service Provider policy.

 The above costs are normally shared equally between the Parties unless specified otherwise. Estimated Cost shall be paid in advance, on account. The Parties and / or their Lawyers shall be jointly and severally responsible to pay the Fees and all expenses associated with the service.