Independent unbiased confidential service bridging the gap between disputing parties for amicable satisfactory resolution and settlement.


Valuable experience offering innovative and cost effective approaches at any stage of a dispute.


Over 35 years of experience in negotiations, claims settlements, Performance Management with Dispute/Conflict Resolution & Restoration, Workplace Fairness Analysis, etc.

Disputes are a natural part of life. People have different views and having an independent, unbiased and certified ADR Professional is critical in ensuring a smooth and swift resolution process.

Dispute Resolution involves negotiations, facilitation, mediation, conciliation, adjudication and arbitration . If you are seeking any of these services, you have come to the right place.

ADR Bridge is committed to providing Dispute Resolution services of the highest ethical standard with honesty, integrity, fairness, confidentiality and skill, in full accordance with the International and national Code of Ethics, Rules, Processes, Procedures and Acts governing these services.

ADR Bridge provides both offline and online alternative dispute resolution services.


Dr. Yazan AL-Naib

Dr. AL-Naib is an experienced professional with over 35 years in Engineering and Management of Developments, claims negotiations and settlement, successfully contested over $400 Million Dollars of claims. Dr. AL-Naib has also led Organizational Development activities, Performance Management, Business Strategies and Program Developments.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a mechanism that was introduced under the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 in order to provide an alternative method to the official judicial procedures in resolving disputes. It is an effort to design a workable and fair alternative to the traditional judicial system. It is a fast track system of dispensing justice with the main characteristic is to accomplish an agreement between the parties involved in legal conflicts and disputes, which can be resolved privately.